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October 5, 2021by suzie0

In our many years of installing and repairing timber fences, we have come to see a pattern of 6 most common damages your timber fence may have over time.

These damages can occur because of the Auckland weather (heat, rain, high winds or storms) or by animals or if your wood is untreated.

Broken Palings

Palings are very important for privacy and safety as they shield your home from nosy people, keep your animals inside your property and ensure trespassers can’t walk directly onto your property.

However, if a paling becomes damaged, your privacy and safety may be compromised.

Damages such as snapped palings can cause big holes in your fence leading to your animals escaping or unwanted people stepping onto your property.

Even little damages such as cracks can make the fence insecure and over time the cracks can become bigger, leading to the whole fence needing to be replaced.

To ensure these paling damages don’t become bigger problems, replacing broken palings as soon as possible is recommended.

Leaning fence

Leaning fences are very dangerous for your household as they are prone to fall over suddenly.

With just one strong gust of wind or one curious animal, your fence will fall to the ground.

If you have a leaning fence, keep children and animals away from it at all times until you get our guys in to repair it.

There are two types of leaning fences- the whole fence is on a lean or part of the fence is on a lean.

If the whole fence is leaning, sometimes it is too far gone to repair and instead you may need a new secure timber fence installed.

If only part of your fence is leaning, our guys will be able to come repair it in one day, meaning your family can enjoy the garden again.

Damaged latches and locks

When your gate gets stuck because of rusted old locks and latches or when your gate won’t close because of broken or missing locks and latches, it can be frustrating.

Locks and latches may be small but need to be changed once rust shows itself.This will prevent your animals and children running out the gate and onto the road.

Whether the rain rusted your locks over time or your latch has been broken by general use, our team can come and replace them for you.

Gate falling off hinges

This is one thing we see often as most people don’t replace the hinges when they start to rust. Therefore, by the time they notice the hinges are rusted, the hinges are no longer strong enough to support the gate anymore.

If this has happened to you, put your gate to the side and we can come replace your hinges and reinstall your gate for you.

Snapped Posts

Snapped posts are problematic as the posts are the foundation holding the fence upright.

Without strong posts your fence is most likely going to fall during bad weather.

Some posts become weak from rain or extreme heat and snap, others snap at the bottom of the post due to incorrect installation or moisture from the ground causing the post to rot.

Posts that are damaged can be replaced without having to install a new fence.

Old water damaged fences

If your timber fence is over 20 years old, your fence may have water damaged. This could be moss, mould or rot anywhere on the fence.

If your timber fence has structural issues due to water damage, it may need to be completely replaced.

However, if its only one post or section of your fence, sometimes only some of the fence needs replacing.

On the occasion that your fence only has moss and mould on it, a good water blast may fix the problem.

The solution

Our team of friendly fence builders have over 12 years of experience repairing and installing fences.

If you need any of the 6 common damages fixed on your fence, contact us today!

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Copyright by The Timber Fencing Guys. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The Timber Fencing Guys. All rights reserved.