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March 10, 2021by suzie0

Over time your fence line ends up being covered in trees, weeds, bushes or rubbish in general.

Now that you want to install a new timber fence, you have just realised how much greenery and rubbish is on the fence line that you need to remove before the timber fencing guys come.

Clearing a fence line is hard work and takes a lot of time.

No need to stress, we can clear your fence line for you and then our timber fencing guys will get to work on building you a new fence.


When can you clear the fence line?

When inquiring about our timber fencing services, let our friendly customer service team know you would also like the fence line cleared. Then send them a photo of the fence line and then our team will come onsite to assist the situation.

After the assessment has been completed you will receive an estimate quote for the timber fence installation and the fence line clearing.

If you accept the quote, our gardening team will come and clear all the trees, weeds, bushes and anything else on the fence line that needs to go.

Our gardening team will come up to a week before the fence is about to be installed.

Once the fence line is cleared, we will book our timber fencing guys to come and install the fence for you.


Can you just clear my fence line?

Yes, if you would just like your fence line cleared, we can do it for you!


Why do I need my fence line cleared?

When installing a new fence, the old fence and anything about 1 metre from the fence line needs to be removed, as the team need space to build and install the new wooden fence.

It is impossible for our guys to build a fence with trees, bushes, long grass, weeds or anything else close to the fence line.

Likewise, if your fence is looking a little worn down, but doesn’t need replacing quite yet; removing any items or greenery close to the fence is a great idea. This will ensure there is no extra pressure leaning on the fence and no unnecessary fence break downs from rotting or trying to support heavy trees.


Can I clear the fence line myself?

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are up for the challenge then trying to clear it yourself is a great idea. However, you will need to have specific equipment to make sure the clearing gets done properly.

The equipment you will need is weed killer spray, a chainsaw, a truck for garden waste removal, ropes to guide tall trees down, lawn mower and anything else that you may need to remove bushy greenery.

You will also need a lot of energy and a high fitness level, as you will be working long hours, cutting, moving large tree stumps and branches and keeping up with spraying the weeds.

Fence line clearing is not for the light hearted as it takes many hours and is hard work.


What are the benefits of having you guys clear it?

Our team has the right equipment to get the job completed fast and on time.

You can spend your weekends doing other things.

Our team does all the hard work.

We remove all the greenery and take it away for you.

We dispose of your green waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Our gardening team has years of experience and will leave your garden tidy and fence line cleared.


Contact us

If you need your fence line cleared, call us now 0800 514 514 so we can discuss your project with you.

Email us here to get a free estimate quote.

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Copyright by The Timber Fencing Guys. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The Timber Fencing Guys. All rights reserved.